Post Falls Technology District

  • Year of creation: 2018
  • Size: 831 acres
  • Base assessed value (Pre-urban renewal): $38,758,868
  • 2018 Increment value (assessed value generated through urban renewal): 0
  • Projected Termination Date: 2038
  • Post Falls Technology Plan                 Ordinance 1349                                    OPA                

The Post Falls Technology District Plan was approved by City Council on October 16, 2018.  The main focus of this District is a 335 acre Technology Park (Inland NW Tech Park) located on the northwest corner of Highway 41 and Prairie Avenue and a 50 acre Regional Shopping Center (41 Prairie Retail Center) located on the northeast corner of Highway 41 and Prairie Avenue. 

The proponent (Beyond Green, Inc) has created a website to market the project area.  You can check it out here:















As of 3/22/2021 the District’s assessed value has increased over $14.6 million.

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