Post Falls Districts

There are currently 5 active districts in the Post Falls area:
Map of Post Falls Urban Renewal Agency Districts (link)

East Post Falls

Year of creation: 2002
Size: 972 acres
Base assessed value: $62,413,796
“Increment value” 2021: $475,861,951
Projected Termination Date: 2022

Goals for this District’s infrastructure improvements are primarily traffic-related. Modifications have been made to the Highway 41/Interstate 90 area already. Many more improvement projects are identified, however, as this District is a regional traffic hub.

*The East Post Falls District has three sub-districts that have formed to accommodate either different proponents or different objectives.

*The City of Post Falls is the Proponent for two of the three sub-districts in the East Post Falls District.

*The Post Falls Urban Renewal Agency has worked closely with the Mayor and City Council to expand public utilities, construct a new water reservoir serving the western portion of the City, construct new sewer facilities, improve roadways, address traffic problems, create new parks and secure sites for the construction of new school buildings.

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Center Point

Year of creation: 2002
Size: 335 acres
Base assessed value: $1,395,916
“Increment value” 2021: $94,843,716
Projected Termination Date: 2022

The open land in this District is quickly being developed as retail, manufacturing and light industrial uses.

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Post Falls Technology

Year of creation: 2018
Size: 831 acres
Base assessed value: $35,484,408
“Increment value” 2021: $27,103,225
Projected Termination Date: 2038

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Year of creation: 2021
Size: 548 acres
Base assessed value: $226,655,548
“Increment value” 2021: $101,529,146
Projected Termination Date: 2041

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Pleasant View

Year of creation: 2021
Size: 600 acres
Base assessed value: $4,068,315
“Increment value” 2021: $468,484
Projected Termination Date: 2041

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Year of creation: 2001
Size: 236 acres
Termination Date: November 2021

The Expo District was opened in 2001. It encompassed 236 acres and was formed under the,  “competitively disadvantaged border community” provisions of the Urban Renewal Act to create jobs, address road and traffic issues and extend public infrastructure.

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West Seltice II – CLOSED

Year of creation: 2005
Size: 248 acres
Termination Date: November 2020

The West Seltice II District was opened in 2005, to address blight, extend public infrastructure to support mixed use housing, commercial and light industrial development and address traffic improvements on 248 acres adjacent to the Flexcel manufacturing facility.

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City Center – CLOSED

Year of creation: 1994
Size: 231 acres
Termination Date: August 2018

In 2002, the original District was expanded, at the request of the City of Post Falls, to 231 acres and renamed the City Center District. The Agency worked with the city to improve and repave some streets early on, and recently has gathered citizen input on desired changes to the city “center” area.

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Riverbend – CLOSED

Year of creation: 1995
Size: 330 acres
Termination Date: November 2012

Infrastructure improvements have supported the development of North Idaho College’s Workforce Training Center and the University of Idaho’s Research Park, which draws research and technology companies. In 2005, Buck Knives relocated its manufacturing plant from California, bringing 150 jobs immediately.

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West Seltice – CLOSED

Year of creation: 1992
Size: 665 acres
Termination Date: 2001

The Urban Renewal Agency worked with the proponent to finance public improvement projects including street reconstruction, additional traffic signals & fire hydrants, sewer and water line extensions, storm water treatment, landscaping, street lighting and bike paths in this District.

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